sola wood for wedding

Sola wood blooms are not limited to a category of decorative flowers anymore. Crafting sola wood flowers is not just an activity. It is the refreshment of our mind and soul when we do it along with the community. It is also not just a product but a lifestyle of high thinkers.

It is so relaxing to involve yourself in crafting, dyeing, or creating wooden flowers arrangements. But once you have completed your task and sola flowers are ready to serve your purpose, how do you care for them to last forever?


Maybe you think that sola wood flowers last a lifetime and they require no care at all!

It’s true! They last longer, but taking care of wood flowers is a must to keep their magical beauty ever ready. These flowers can look new for a long time if taken care of properly. What’s even great is that caring for sola flowers is a breeze because of the straightforward care instructions!

Here are some suggestions from for preserving the quality of our sola wood products by using safety precautions and storing them correctly:

Storage of sola wood flowers:

Even though these lovely blooms will endure a lifetime, they are still made from biological materials. Molds may live in porous materials like these if they are exposed to moisture, and direct heat can do just as much damage. Because of this, knowing how to keep them properly is critical.


  • Clean your wooden blooms well before storing them.
  • Use an airtight plastic bag or a silica gel bag to keep moisture out of the container. If there is any moisture in the container, it is absorbed by the silica gel.
  • Sola wood flowers must be stored properly to ensure their long-term viability. They should be kept in a cold, dry environment, preferably in a vase.
  • Avoid storing sola wood flowers in containers that are airtight or that have a lot of moisture in them. These wooden blooms crafted from natural wood require air to function properly.
  • The distance between the sola wood flower arrangements must be sufficient to allow for air circulation.
  • Using a different container for each arrangement is the best option. It’ll keep flowers looking their best by keeping them from wilting.
  • Keep your sola wood flowers away from direct sunlight to preserve the vibrancy of their colors.

Cleaning and dusting:

It’s not difficult to maintain sola wood flowers once they’ve been purchased. These tips will help you return your flowers to their routine and remove any dirt they may have accumulated:

  • The minimum number of times each week that you should be dusting your wooden flowers is once per week. This will help to prevent a dust-induced hazard.
  • Depending on the quantity of dust in your home, where you live, and where you display them, you may want to do this more frequently or less frequently. Use a lint-free cloth to quickly dust larger blooms with fewer petals.
  • Sola wood flowers should not be cleaned with strong chemicals. You run the risk of ruining your arrangement if the flowers become wet or humid. On the other hand, chemicals can be hazardous and alter the appearance of flowers, even eradicating them.