Wedding photography and a rainy day

Couples can’t predict the weather on their wedding day when they choose the date. One of the most widespread phobias is the fear of rain. Despite the weather, you may still get some stunning images. If it starts to rain, keep these three things in mind.


A wedding photographer, in particular, would not like to deal with wet conditions on the big day. But it doesn’t mean the wedding is doomed. Having a lousy disposition may come over in the photographs. Keeping a sunny disposition can help you shoot fantastic pictures, even if you are confined to the inside.


Photographing the bride and groom outside may be beautiful, but if the weather is a concern, you may want to reschedule your session. If it does rain on your wedding day, try not to let it dampen your spirits. Take comfort in that your wedding photographer in Dallas is an expert at making even less-than-ideal conditions seem gorgeous, and go with the flow:

Wedding photographers need to do their homework:

A photographer must discuss with the couple their specific rain strategy for the non-portrait portions of the day. The rain causes many couples to reconsider having all of their pictures taken. A rainy picture shoot doesn’t have to be a disaster. Overcast skies and rain provide a beautiful, atmospheric setting for outdoor photography. It also increases the saturation of your environment, making the colors pop.


At R.Romero Photography, we advise wedding photographers to invest their efforts in dealing with two critical tasks to create a stunning wedding album of a big rainy day:

1.      Rainproofing of photography equipment:

A wedding photographer must invest in “Storm Jacket Rain Covers” to keep their cameras and lenses dry in downpours. These camera raincoats work as they come in a smaller size for cameras with prime or small zoom lenses and a bigger one for huge prime and telephoto lenses.

The couple also requires transparent umbrellas for their selves and their guests. These look well in images; they’re the only way to walk freely outdoors, get natural light, and keep dry. In heavy rain, umbrellas only keep the upper half of your subjects dry and restrict posing.


On rainy days, wedding photographers must have a few towels handy. Although the storm jacket covers work well, they should still dry off their lenses and camera after coming in from the rain. They may also need to dry a bench for their pair to sit on for umbrella shots or wash the dirt off their shoes. These towels may be ruined throughout the day, so extra rags are fine.

2.      Flexibility is a must, and be ready to serve your couple!

Rainy wedding days demand more effort and creativity. On a wedding day, your role as a wedding photographer is not limited to only taking high-quality photos of the event. Still, you have to find solutions to some unexpected issues.


A professional photographer always thinks out of the box and delivers outstanding services to keep their client’s special day even more beautiful and disaster-free.